Welcome to Wild Lime Wellness | Your Partner in Worksite Wellness
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Wild Lime Wellness provides holistic programs for employers, educators, and entrepreneurs.

What would it mean to have a consistently positive, energized, and healthy team? When employees know their well-being is a priority, productivity and engagement increase in direct correlation to your bottom line. We offer a suite of wellness classes and professional development programs, taught by a highly curated roster of mindfulness, yoga, fitness and nutrition instructors.

Imagine being able to find a sense of peace anywhere, anytime. If you can breathe in and out, you can benefit from mindful awareness. Over 3,000 scientific studies have proven the positive impacts of a consistent meditation practice. Perfect for organizations and individuals seeking greater productivity, emotional intelligence, concentration.


Move, stretch, and get in tune with the mind and body by practicing this ancient art. Yoga increases physical strength, flexibility, and health through a series of poses that can be adapted for any ability level. Gain an appreciation for the present moment, just as it is. Perfect for those who enjoy letting competition and checklists take a backseat.


Sitting is the new smoking. Treat your body to high or low intensity workouts that create immediate shifts in mood and energy level. Fitness training increases heart rate, muscle mass, and caloric burn – plus it’s a fun way to work off stress (or that extra brownie). Perfect for those who wish to gain strength and stamina through aerobics, kickboxing, weights, and more.


Fresh nutritious food plays a major role in the health of our population. Skip the trendy diets and find real ways to nourish your whole body with delicious recipes, healthy cooking techniques, and clean eating. Learn to manage a variety of conditions with creative meal planning and preparation. Perfect for those who love food and want to eat well.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
Helen Keller

Are  you ready to bring fresh energy to your team’s engagement and productivity?  Choose one of our three wellness programs, or work with us to create a custom solution that meets your needs.

    • Weekly on-site classes led by top instructors
    • Registration Calendar
    • Employee Engagement Kit
    • Health and Wellness Content


    • Everything in the Branch Out package
    • Well-Being Committee Setup
    • Employee Wellness Assessment + Report
    • Recommendations for Metric Tracking + Analysis
    • Coaching for Individual Employees


    • Everything in the Grow Community package
    • Well-being Committee Leadership
    • Organizational Culture Assessment, Recommendations and Report
    • Strategic Plan for Company Wide Wellness Initiative Launch
    • Individual Coaching for Executive Staff and Management